Terms and conditions of use

To access BeBeez’s Premium services and to use BeBeez Private Data, the subscriber accepts the following terms and conditions, including any changes that EdiBeez srl (owner of the services) will want to make in the future. If the subscriber does not adhere to these terms and conditions, he may not access and use the platform and its services.

EdiBeez srl reserves the right to change the aforementioned “Terms and Conditions”, without prior notice but notifying the changes made to the document: the continuous access or use of the platform by the user will constitute acceptance of the changes made. The subscriber is therefore invited to regularly check the “Terms and Conditions” page, under the BeBeez “Subscriptions” menu and in the footer of the BeBeez Private Data homepage. If the subscriber does not comply with the “Terms and Conditions”, access and use of the platform will be prohibited to him.

Art. 1 – By subscribing to the subscription and against the first payment of the fee, EdiBeez grants the subscriber who accepts a personal use license, non-transferable, temporary, non-sub-licensable to use the chosen service.

Art. 2 – The subscriber who signs the contract undertakes for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months the subscription is automatically renewed unless it is previously canceled within 7 days before expiration. Two weeks before the expiration of the subscription, EdiBeez srl will send an email notice to the subscriber to remind the approaching expiration of the subscription and possibly give the subscriber time to cancel.

Art. 3 – By virtue of the provisions of d.lgs. n. 206/2005 on distance contracts, the subscriber has the possibility to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date on which the contract was concluded. For any withdrawals, write to stefania.peveraro@edibeez.it.

Art. 4 – The consultation interface of BeBeez Private Data is connected to a database that contains indicative data on the composition of the portfolios of venture capital and debt investors of unlisted Italian companies and more generally on the financial history of those companies and other potential target companies of those investors. The same database is used to draw on the periodic reports published by BeBeez News Premium 12 months.

The data, as organized by the infographics of BeBeez Private Data and BeBeez News Premium 12 months, are protected by copyright according to Legislative Decree 6 May 1999, n. 169 “Implementation of Directive 96/9 / EC on the legal protection of databases” published in the Official Gazette n. 138 of 15 June 1999 and by the European Directive 2001/29 “on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society” of the May 22, 2001.

This means that the data are all publicly available, but as organized and processed are the property of EdiBeez srl, which establishes that they cannot be transferred to third parties or used by the subscriber for purposes other than those: 1) of normal use for their professional activity within the organization or 2) of use during private meetings with their professional counterparts. The prohibition applies both for the duration of the contract and from the moment of any termination.

By way of example, therefore, the contents of BeBeez News Premium 12 months and the infographics of BeBeez Private Data cannot be published in print, websites or social networks, sent via email to multiple contacts or distributed as printed at public conferences by subscribers. The same content and infographics, on the other hand, can be used in meetings or workshops within the same organization as a subscriber or in meetings with current or potential customers of the subscribed user.

Art. 5 – The subscriber who wishes to use part of the data or processing of BeBeez Private Data or BeBeez News Premium 12 months to enrich research, analysis or public presentations, must request and obtain prior authorization from EdiBeez srl and cite BeBeez Private Data and / or BeBeez News Premium 12 months as source. The request must be forwarded to stefania.peveraro@edibeez.it.

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